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Will Environmental Regulatory Reform Benefit or Harm the American People?

Environmental Regulatory Reform could have a dire impact on the planet

The EPA is Currently Soliciting Recommendations on Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda – Open for Public Comment until May 15, 2017 The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is currently requesting recommendations on existing regulations that could be repealed, replaced or modified in order to make them less of a burden to American citizens. Input regarding […]

Accurate MSW Disposal Estimates Needed to Reduce Landfill Gas Emissions

Reducing landfill gas emissions

A recent study conducted by a research team from Yale and the University of Florida has revealed that the amount of solid waste Americans are disposing in landfill gas emissions is more than double initial estimates. The study concludes that with more accurate waste disposal figures at hand, we can now set about reducing greenhouse […]

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Most Climate-efficient Uses of Natural Gas

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

If we want to use natural gas to limit greenhouse gas emissions associated with climate change, it would be most effective to use it to replace fuel-oil furnaces and coal-fired power stations to generate heat and electricity rather than using it to fuel cars, buses and other modes of transport, according to a recent study […]

Gas Blowout at Californian Gas Well Caused Largest US Methane Release Ever

Aliso Canyon Gas Blowout

A gas blowout at a natural gas well in Aliso Canyon resulted in over 100,000 tons of methane being released into the atmosphere before the leaking well was plugged on the 11th of February, according to a study that was recently published in Science (Feb. 26, 2016). Results from the study show that it was […]

Waste not Want Not (Part 2): Harnessing Landfill Gas

Harnessing landfill gas in gas to energy projects.

This article is part 2 in a series on Landfill gas – Read Waste Not Want Not (Part 1): Waste as a Source of Renewable Energy Some landfill sites have programs and mechanisms in place to sort and recycle waste. Others have stepped the recycling game up a notch, by developing infrastructure to harness gas […]