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Proposed Landfill Methane Rules to be Revised by the EPA

Organic waste contributes to landfill methane emissionse ems

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has gone back to the drawing board to reconsider proposed methane emission rules for landfills following a request by the waste sector, who claim that they are simply not feasible to implement. In 2016 the EPA updated standards for new or reconstructed MSW landfills as well as guidelines for existing […]

Class 1 landfill at the Central Disposal Facility for Brevard County, Florida

Class 1 Landfill Florida

Diamond Scientific is very pleased to have been involved with the development of the first new class 1 landfill at the Central Disposal Facility for Brevard County, Florida, consisting of approximately 41 acres expansion at the site located at 2250 Adamson Road Cocoa, FL, at an estimated cost of $17.9 million. The construction work for […]

Recognizing the Sanitation Worker – a Vital Cog in the Public Health System

Behold the sanitation worker

On the 12th February 1968, as Dr. Martin Luther King traveled around the US calling on people to support the Poor People’s Campaign, over 1000 sanitation workers in Memphis downed tools and went on strike. Just over a month later, on the 18th March, striking sanitation workers flocked to the local Church of God in […]

Accurate MSW Disposal Estimates Needed to Reduce Landfill Gas Emissions

Reducing landfill gas emissions

A recent study conducted by a research team from Yale and the University of Florida has revealed that the amount of solid waste Americans are disposing in landfill gas emissions is more than double initial estimates. The study concludes that with more accurate waste disposal figures at hand, we can now set about reducing greenhouse […]

Size, Capacity of Landfill Sumps & Leachate Pumps

Leachate pumps and sumps

In a previous series of articles we covered various aspects of landfill design, including landfill layout, configuration and slope design; landfill liner systems; and leachate collection systems. In this article we are going to focus on the leachate drainage system and the landfill sumps and leachate pumps that are used within the collection system. Leachate […]