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Optimax Biogas Analyzer w/o H2S

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The most powerful handheld Biogas Analyzer on the market. MRU's Optimax can perform simultaneous measurements of up to 7 gas components! Biogas measurement: O2, CH4 and CO2 (infrared for CO2/CH4) Emissions measurement: O2, CO*, NO*, NO2* and CO2. The Optimax can also perform biogas pressure measurement (or stack pressure). It has a standard O2 measurement with long-life cell (approx. 4-5 years estimated life span). It's fitted with a modern, slim line enclosure with secure rear-mounted magnets for drop-resistant operation. All the data is displayed on a super bright, color 4.0” TFT screen with LED backlit.
  • DUAL Bluetooth for Android and Apple MRU4U APP
  • Condensate separator with WATER STOP FILTER and Internal flow monitoring and alarm
  • IRDA interface for high speed infrared thermal printer
  • Mini‐USB interface for cable data transfer to PC
  • WLAN Interface
  • SD card reader incl. activating software
  • Internal data storage for up to 32000 measurements, with color data records visualization on display
  • Battery and mains operation - high energy Li‐Ion battery, with 20 hours mains free operation
  • Wall‐plug, universal grid power supply 90‐240Vac / 50‐60Hz for battery charging over the USB port
  • Biogas sampling line Ø3x2mm Viton with 5m length and stainless steel instrument gas inlet port
I have an Optima-7 and suddenly the H2S readings are bad or very high. Do I need to replace the sensor?

Not necessarily. When the H2S sensor is exposed to high levels of H2S gas, it is recommended to run the instrument with the gas pump on with ambient air for the same amount of time the sensor was exposed to the high level of H2S. This allows for purging of the instrument before turning the instrument off. Be aware though that continued exposure to levels over 5000ppm H2S will damage the sensor.

Is it safe to expose the H2S sensor in an Optima-7 to H2S gas concentrations just below 5000ppm?

Exposure to H2S levels from 2000-5000ppm with moisture will degrade the sensor more quickly. Using filters inline reduces the moisture content of the gas stream entering the instrument.

A gas reading is much lower than expected. Is the sensor bad?

A common cause for lower than expected gas readings is leakage in the instrument. Perform a leak test by connecting the Condensate Separator Tube to the Pressure Connection 1 Port with tubing.

Perform a leak test as described in the User Manual Optima 7 Biogas. If the leak test fails, check for defective or missing o-rings in the Condensate Separator Tube.

If the user uses the Sampling Probe with sampling lines to take gas readings, place a clean Leak Proof Test Cap on the end of the probe spike. Attach the other end of the sampling line onto the Condensate Separator Tube. Perform the leak test. If the leak test fails, check for defective or missing o-rings in the Condensate Separator Tube and for cracks in the sampling line.

The Optima 7 is not displaying a temperature reading after inserting the thermocouple into the instrument.

Look closely at the prongs of the thermocouple. The prongs might be dirty. Use a sponge soaked in a 1:3 vinegar/water solution and gently wipe the prongs. Wipe dry with a lint-free cloth or allow to air-dry.

The Optima 7 will not power down after pressing the OFF key. How do I turn off the instrument?

Simultaneously, press the ESC key and the power button then release both keys. You will have to update the Date and Time setting in your instrument afterwards.

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