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Portable Remediation Trailers

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EPG's Portable Remediation Trailers are so convenient! You can drive it in, hook it up, and be up and running the very same day. That’s one of the advantages of using an EPG custom-built, trailer-mounted mobile remediation system. They’re start-up ready! That means your mechanical and electrical installation time and costs are minimal and when the site is cleaned up, they can easily be moved to the next location, ready for power supply hook-up and connection to process piping. EPG’S remediation specialist, Jim Bailey highlights, “Our remediation trailers give you superior soil and groundwater clean up wherever you want and when you want, while being a safe, completely enclosed system.”

Do you operate a site that requires clean up? If yes, then consider calling EPG Companies. We know remediation! Your remediation trailer will be engineered and designed with your needs in mind; custom built to fit your specific site. Then, it will be delivered with all equipment pre-mounted, piped, wired, and tested as a complete operating system.


EPG Remediation Trailer Advantages:

  • Custom Built to Performance Needs
  • Convenient and Portable
  • Efficient and Effective
  • Safe to Operate
  • All Equipment is Enclosed and Protected (weather, vandalism, etc.)
  • Equipped with Superior EPG Sensors
  • AutoCAD Drawings and Complete Documentation

Unlike many manufacturers, we provide complete system documentation (O&M’s and AutoCAD drawings outlining all major components), which helps to reduce future maintenance and modification errors.

Depending on your performance specifications, the equipment used in EPG mobile remediation trailers can include oil/water separators, air strippers, vapor extraction blowers, air sparge blowers, and air compressors for pneumatic pump control. EPG’s integrated UL-listed control panel operates all system components. Many options are available, including remote monitoring and alarm notification.

For hazardous environments, all equipment and wiring is designed to be explosion proof. The system control panel is either mounted on the front of the trailer or in a separate partitioned room located in the front of the trailer away from the hazardous location. Air compressors and equipment that are not explosion-proof rated can also be mounted in the non-hazardous room.

Walls and ceilings are typically insulated which help to dampen sound levels emitted from the operating equipment. The trailers are also equipped with a thermostatically controlled exhaust fan, lights, louver vents, and a thermostatically controlled heater.

Because EPG is so deeply involved in the entire remediation process, we have an excellent understanding of the symbiotic, “interconnected” nature of remediation programs. Our experience and understanding enable us to offer soundly engineered, field-tested, cost-effective solutions to environmental pollution problems both large and small.