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Gas Analyzers

Ambient O2 Depletion Monitor - Analox O2NE+

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O2NE+: Ambient Oxygen Depletion Monitor

The use of inert and speciality gases is widespread and includes many industries and processes. Should there be a leak or build-up of these gases in a confined space, their presence will push oxygen away, depleting the level of breathable oxygen and can posing a danger to employees and members of the public.

In order to counteract this danger, the O2NE+ provides two audio visual alarms which are preset at 19.5% & 18% (can be adjusted) to warn personnel of a potential dangerous leak.

Some industries that could benefit from the O2NE+ include: 
  • MRI rooms (Helium is used as a coolant for a superconductors in MRI machines)
  • Cryopreservation (liquid N2 used for blood, sperm and egg preservation)
  • Tissue preservation
  • Deep freeze – pathology
  • Breathing observation – Asthma, Emphysema (Helium)
  • Cancer treatment (Argon lasers)
The O2NE+ main senor unit is wall mounted at normal working head height in the area/s recommended by risk assessment results, often where the gases are stored and/or piped. The repeater unit/s (powered by the main unit) are then sited at the entrance/s to the area to let staff or visitors know if it is safe to enter or not.

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