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Benefits of a GEM5000 Landfill Gas Analyzer

Benefits of a GEM5000 Landfill Gas Analyzer

Landtech GEM5000 landfill gas analyzer The GEM5000 landfill gas analyzer measures gas flow and calculates the calorific values of the gas, and is a useful tool for balancing a gas field. The GEM5000 gas analyzer can be utilized for recording, monitoring, calculating, and gas flow rates at each monitoring point within the gas field. The GEM5000 may also be operated in gas analyzer (GA) mode when this is required. The operator may switch between gas extraction monitor (GEM) mode and landfill gas analyzer (GA) Mode as needed simply by selecting the desired operating mode in the ‘Special Action’ menu.

Key Benefits of the GEM5000 Landfill Gas Analyzer

The GEM5000 gas analyzer is specifically designed to monitor landfill gas extraction systems, and offers several key benefits as outlined below.
  • The GEM5000 is designed specifically to monitor landfill gas (LFG) extraction systems, flares, and migration control systems at landfill sites.
  • By serving as both a gas extraction monitor and gas analyzer, it alleviates the need for more than one instrument on site.
  • The GEM5000 can be used to measure gas pressure, flow and composition during routine sub-surface migration monitoring of landfill site perimeter probes.
  • The operator can enter questions and comments to assist with recording and logging information at each sample point on site.
  • Enables the operator to collect consistent data for improved data analysis.
  • The ease of use of the GEM5000 offers the user a streamlined experience which reduces overall operational times.

GEM 5000


  • The GEM5000 landfill gas analyzer measures CH4, CO2 and O2 percent by volume, static pressure and differential pressure
  • Calculates balance gas, flow (SCFM) and energy
  • CO and H2S (on Plus models)
  • High Accuracy and Fast Response Time
  • Battery Operated; Fully Portable, with Protective Carry Case
  • Lighter and More Compact for Easy Portability
  • Certified intrinsically safe for landfill use
  • Annual recommended factory service
  • Calibrated ISO/IEC 17025
  • 3 year warranty with optional service plan

GEM5000 Gas Analyzer Accessories

Standard Accessories

LANDTEC System Gas Analyzer Manager – LSGAM 3.1 The LANDTEC System Gas Analyzer Manager (LSGAM) allows the operator to get maximum benefits from the operation of the gas analyzer. It enables direct communication with the unit, and facilitates the upload and download of data between Microsoft™ operating systems (XP, Vista, Windows 7).

Optional Accessories

A range of optional accessories can be purchased for enhanced functionality, including:

Applications of the GEM5000

The GEM5000's primary function is for monitoring gas as landfills. It can be used on landfill fields, gas extraction wells, and for flare monitoring.
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