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Flow Analyzers


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Flow analyzers

Flow analyzers are specialized instruments designed to measure and analyze the flow characteristics of fluids (liquids or gases) in various applications. Flow analyzers are used in a variety of industries like manufacturing, research, oil and gas, chemical processing healthcare, and more. In any context where accurate measurement of fluid flow rates is essential for quality control, safety and process optimization, flow analyzers are used.

Flow Analyzers at Diamond Scientific

At Diamond Scientific, we understand the importance of the accuracy and reliability of the measurements displayed by a flow analyzer. By ensuring that the fluid flow is optimal, flow analyzers verify that any given system is functioning correctly. That is why, we provide you with flow analyzers that offer features like accurate measurement of flow rates, temperature, and pressure, along with real-time monitoring, data logging and other advanced functionalities.

Our Cameron Flanged Flow Analyzers are designed to provide precise flow measurement through a flanged connection to a pipeline or system which is a secure and leak-tight connection for accuracy.

Our Cameron MC-II Direct Mount Flow Analyzers provide information on accumulated flow and flow rate through a local display using information from a turbine flowmeter. These analyzers have proven to be a cost-effective solution.


Flow analyzers are devices used to measure and analyze the flow rate of gasses in systems and medical equipment such as flow meters, ventilators, suction devices, anesthesia machines and more. These devices provide accurate and reliable measurements of gas flow rates including volume and pressure.

It monitors the delivery of gasses such as oxygen and anesthesia to ensure accurate processing. It monitors gas concentration and verifies equipment performance to maintain patient safety by detecting anomalies or leaks in devices like aspirators, pressure gauges, ventilators, flowmeters and others.

When choosing a flow analyzer, it is important to check the various features and applications of the analyzer against your requirements. This includes ensuring compatibility in terms of flow rate, temperature, gasses measured, operating pressure, response time, accuracy, range of stable measurement and more.

Manufacturers provide comprehensive technical support, including phone and email assistance, online resources, software updates, calibration services, repair centers, on-site training, and maintenance plans. These options ensure accurate, reliable and long-lasting performance of flow analyzers. It is important to check with the supplier about the specific support and maintenance options available.

Yes, regular calibration is essential for accurate and reliable measurements. Calibration compensates for factors like temperature, pressure, and sensor drift that can affect readings over time. It is usually recommended to calibrate these analyzers annually. However, the frequency of required calibration may vary on the basis of product quality and usage intensity.