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Refining Biogas for use as CNG Vehicle Fuel

Refining Biogas for use as CNG Vehicle Fuel

Bio-CNG Biodigester Biofuel Gas PlantBio-CNG: Clean, Green Fuel that is Good for the Environment and Good for your Car

Biogas, or renewable natural gas (RNG), is a gas that is produced from organic waste matter generated at landfill sites, waste water treatment plants or agricultural farms. Instead of simply disposing of the waste material, it is placed into a biodigester, where microbes break down the organic matter, producing methane in the process. Biogas can be used to generate electricity or to power vehicles, the latter offering the highest returns for biogas plant operators. However, in order for biogas to be suitable for use as a fuel for vehicles, it needs to be refined -- although not to the same standard as fuels injected into pipelines -- but this can involve further cost unless the equipment is included in the biogas plant. Once refined, it can be fed to on-site fuel pumps to refuel refuse trucks or farm vehicles and operators will quickly recoup the initial outlay for the cost of plant and equipment and start to generate profits.

Benefits of Biogas-CNG Fuel

Biogas-CNG not only offers economic benefits, but environmental benefits too. It is a clean, green fuel which is produced locally from organic waste that would otherwise accumulate in landfills, and compared to conventional vehicle fuels, it produces lower emissions. Economic Benefits: Offers substantial savings compared to conventional fuels such as gasoline and diesel
  • 50-75% savings compared to current gasoline/diesel costs
  • Competitive with fossil-based CNG prices
Environmental Benefits: Locally produced, clean, green, renewable source of fuel
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% compared to conventional fuels
  • Renewable fuel source eligible for GHG credits
Future Investment Benefits: Hedging against rising inflation
  • Costs are locked in for between 15-20 years
  • Hedge against potential rising prices of natural gas from traditional sources

Producing a Biogas-CNG Fuel that Meets Engine Specifications

Diamond Scientific supplies a system that produces fuel that meets the standard set for CNG engine fuel. The BioCNGâ„¢ skid mounted gas plant system includes equipment that refines the LFG to meet these specifications. During the refining process the system removes H2S, CO2, volatile organic compounds and siloxanes. Once the fuel has been cleaned it is filtered to remove particulate matter, and undergoes chilling and desiccation to remove moisture. It is then pumped to a CNG fueling station where it is dried further, then compressed and stored for used in CNG vehicles. Any waste gas or condensate that is produced is returned back to the landfill to be processed in its existing environmental management infrastructure. Diamond Scientific's BioCNG plant is a fully automated system that allows the refined LFG to be used directly as a vehicle fuel or to be mixed with natural gas to produce a CNG/BioCNG blend similar to conventional vehicle fuels that contain blends of biodiesel or ethanol. No further outlay is required for additional refining equipment when using the BioCNG plant.
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