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Methane Gas Detector

Methane Gas Detector

A Methane Gas Detector is usually a basic hand held device. This device is capable of measuring the concentration of methane gas at a certain location. It has high accuracy since it is very sensitive. This is the reason why it is capable of pinpointing the exact location of a leak for example with a maximum distance of 500 feet. The methane gas detector uses laser technology and hence glass and water pose no great barrier.Methane Gas Detector

DL-500 Portable Laser Diode Methane Detector:

TDL-500 is capable of monitoring methane gas. It is a portable laser piece of equipment and uses laser spectroscopy technology. The TDL-500 contains a laser diode capable of exceptional detection offering complete selection to methane and sensitivity to methane of 1ppm. Besides which this instrument offers ATEX certification. It is a handy device and has several different applications; as an example it can be used to detect the precise location of a methane leak. Some of the applications are listed below:
  • Biogas leaks
  • Natural Gas networks
  • Landfill surface emissions
  • Momentary methane leaks

TDL-500 Portable Laser Diode Methane Detector Unique Features:

The key features of the TDL-500 Portable Laser Diode Methane Detector are as listed here:
  • Alarm indicators displayed audibly and visually.
  • Choice of measurement modes.
  • 8 Hours constant use at 20 degrees Centigrade
  • Complete Selectivity to Methane.
  • ATEX Certified.
  • Includes carry case, sampling rod and filters.
  • Fast response times - reduced monitoring.
  • Various measurement modes - simultaneous display.
  • Archer GPS is used with the TDL-500
  • Hydrogen gas supply not necessary.
Diamond Scientific is a well known company and a great deal of experience too dealing with such devices including the TDL-500 Portable Laser Diode Methane Detector. Thus the next time you are confused as to how to detect methane gas then you know the answer and it is Diamond Scientific's TDL-500.
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