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Is Explosion Proof Video Inspection Required for Monitoring Leachate Lines?

Is Explosion Proof Video Inspection Required for Monitoring Leachate Lines?

Following basic fire safety tips can prevent explosions and improve worker safety

To ensure the safety of both workers on landfill sites and the safety of the surrounding community, it is necessary to conduct regular inspections of leachate lines, typically every two years. A method that is commonly used for monitoring leachate lines is video inspection, and a question that is frequently asked is ‘should these video inspections be performed using explosion proof cameras or will non-explosion proof video equipment, such as those that are typically used to inspect sewer lines, suffice?’

This is a very valid question, and an important one considering the safety implications due to the potential presence of explosive gases within leachate lines. Some argue that the risk of explosion is minimal, and no more hazardous than sewer lines, due to there being very little to no oxygen present in the leachate lines, which effectively eliminates the risk of an explosion. This may be true at a site where conditions are very dry and methane generation is limited and therefore unlikely to be a factor, especially considering the lack of oxygen within the lines.

Landfill managers may hire a professional sewer line video inspection service to conduct the inspection, and they may or may not be aware of the potential explosion risks.

Safety Checks When Monitoring Leachate Lines

So, to be on the safe side it is best to monitor the leachate lines using gas probes before video inspections are conducted to verify the environment does not pose an explosion risk. Or at least conduct surface readings in the soil surrounding leachate lines to check for methane generation before undertaking any video inspection work. The GEM5000 gas analyzer monitors oxygen and methane, making it effective at detecting any potential explosive risk within leachate lines.

[caption id="attachment_62" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Benefits of a GEM5000 Landfill Gas Analyzer A handheld GEM5000 Landfill Gas Analyzer can be used to detect hazardous gases prior to monitoring leachate lines[/caption]

By implementing simple safety measures such as this, potential disasters can be avoided, ensuring a safer working environment for landfill staff and contractors alike.

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