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Accessories and Spare Parts


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Diamond Scientific, offers a vast selection of biogas accessories and spare parts to help you maximize the performance of your biogas analyzer or monitoring system.

Our products are developed by top manufacturers worldwide and designed to enhance and improve the functionality and lifespan of your biogas monitoring equipment.

We offer various biogas accessories and parts, including portable water traps, filters, sampling bags, calibration kits, hoses, and tubing.

At Diamond Scientific, we understand that the quality and effectiveness of biogas monitoring equipment depend significantly on the quality and reliability of accessories and spare parts. Therefore, we only offer high-quality and reliable products from the industry's top manufacturers.

If you require more information or assistance in choosing the right biogas accessory or spare part for your application, our team of experts is always available to help you.

At Diamond Scientific, our goal is to work in a holistic manner in order to fulfil all the requirements of our clients. That is why, along with top-of-the-line equipment, we also provide you with a wide range of biogas accessories and spare parts. Whether you are looking for accessories that can make your product better with added features and functionalities, or you are looking for a replacement of a specific part, or anything else, you can find it all at Diamond Scientific.

Our high-quality biogas accessories range is designed to provide all the parts required for constructing, repairing or renovating a biogas plant. This includes all types of gas pipes, water traps or valves you may require based on the specifications of your system.

We also provide a range of gas analysis sensors and systems. Our sensors are designed to be highly precise and quick. We understand the need for efficient and accurate gas analyzers that can provide you with real-time information. That is why, our range includes a variety of sensors that can provide immediate information to you through remote access systems. Plus, any spare parts or biogas accessories for gas analysis that you may require can be easily found with us.