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Gas Sensors


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Gas sensors

Gas sensors, also known as gas detectors, are devices designed to detect and quantify the presence of specific gases in the environment. These sensors play a vital role in various applications, including industrial safety, environmental monitoring, healthcare, and consumer devices. They detect gas leaks in industrial settings and smoke or carbon monoxide in homes. They are generally part of a bigger system like security systems or hazmat systems and are often attached to an audible alerting system.

Gas Sensors at Diamond Scientific

We provide a diverse range of gas sensors with unparalleled quality tailored to your specific requirements. Our gas sensors use the latest technology to deliver accuracy and reliability in gas detection.

Our gas sensors collection includes oxygen sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, precision manometers, stack moisture detectors, single gas monitors, multifunction gas detectors and much more.

Gas sensors are very important for efficient operations, regulatory compliance, and protection of human health. That is why, we only provide gas detection solutions that are precise and durable. If you are unsure about which product you should choose, feel free to contact our team. They will understand your requirements and suggest high-quality solutions which are suitable for you.


Gas sensors are devices that detect the presence and concentration of specific gasses in the environment. They are usually suitable for the detection and measurement of toxic or explosive gasses. In most cases, they function as a part of safety systems and are connected to alarms.

Gas sensors are usually used to detect gas leaks in industrial and commercial settings. In residential settings, they are used for the detection of carbon monoxide and smoke. They are crucial tools in maintenance safety and compliance in various applications.

Gas sensors come in various types, including electrochemical sensors, infrared sensors, MEMS pellistors, catalytic pellistors, metal oxide sensors, thermal conductivity gas sensors and others. Each type is designed to detect specific gasses based on unique sensing mechanisms, making them suitable for diverse applications.

Gas sensors are usually fixed in a specific location and function as a part of an alarm system to ensure the safety of a particular area. Gas monitors, on the other hand, are portable. They can be used in any location that may have high concentrations of certain gasses, especially in confined spaces.