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Accu-Flo Wellhead PVC

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Horizontal/Vertical Accu-Flo PVC Wellhead

The QED Accu-Flo Wellhead combines the benefits of Precision Control valves and Pitot tube flow measurement in an incredibly flexible package. Designed to rotate freely in two planes, the Accu-Flo Wellhead will adapt to changes in terrain as your landfill shifts and subsides.

Available as a 1.5”, 2” and 3” wellhead size, the Accu-Flo Wellhead can be installed with either a vertical or horizontal configuration, greatly simplifying both the buying and installation processes of wellheads. By implementing the patented QED Precision control valve in combination with an integrated Pitot tube, tuning and maintaining the Accu-Flo is made simple with a QED GEM gas extraction manager instrument.


  • Freely rotates as landfill surface changes
  • Flexible, glass filled, molded Precision control valve
  • Serviceable control valve with stainless steel rod for long service life
  • Integrated Pitot tube, static and temperature ports
  • Quick connect fittings or optional Easy Port connections
  • Tapered tube connection

Durable Materials: 

  • Sch. 80 PVC housing and couplings
  • Stainless steel impact tube
  • Polypropylene fittings
  • Elastomeric coupling and PVC Flexible interconnects


  • Wellhead resists binding and potential fracture from shifting and subsidence
  • Accurate flow adjustment from a robust and proven control valve
  • Wellhead can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Simple flow calculation and easy to clean Pitot tube
  • Simplified field installation and service


  • Gas to Energy Sites
  • Carbon Credit Projects
  • Environmental Compliance

*Other Available models: 

2" Horizontal Accu-Flo PVC Wellhead With 2" Slide Valve

2" Vertical Accu-Flo PVC Wellhead

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