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ITC Flex Hose

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ITC Flex Hose

Designed to withstand the vacuum forces of a landfill gas extraction system and the constant contact with landfill gas, condensate, leachate and ultraviolet (UV) light. Flex hoses are commonly used at wellheads, header and lateral pipes, pump stations and knock-outs, main lines and at other connection points where there is expansion, contraction and pipe movement due to landfill settlement. Flexible connections prevent excessive stress, which is one of the most common causes of gas conveyance line failure in landfill gas, condensate and leachate systems.


 Designed to withstand the vacuum forces of a landfill gas extraction system 

• Flexible connections prevent excessive stress on extraction systems

• Available with stainless steel band clamps and optional plastic collars

 Remains flexible at 50% contraction and 20% extension


 Designed and manufactured to provide Long-Term flexible connections

• Rapid and easy installation

• Rugged Flex Hose withstands harsh landfill environments and vacuum forces

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