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Breakout Junction Boxes

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Breakout Junction Boxes

Breakout Junction Boxes are a simple and convenient way to disconnect power or sensor wires during maintenance and/or repair work, creating a gas-tight seal between your control panel and your riser, well, or sump.

Landfill gases migrating through motor and sensor cable conduit to the controller is one of the largest contributors to early control panel failure. Not only can these gases increase the risk of explosions, they can also corrode the contacts and make wires brittle. 


• Seals off harmful migrating gas

• Equipped with FNPT waterproof exit hub

• Terminal strip to facilitate pump and sensor removal

• Minimizes costs by running shorter motor or sensor cable

• Available in a variety of configurations for one or more devices

• Weatherproof NEMA4X enclosure with dryer tube and bellows to seal out moisture

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