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Fixed Extractive Gas Analyzer - MRU SWG 300-1

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About the manufacturer

MRU is a German company making extremely well-engineered emission monitoring systems. Their products are very durable and constructed to withstand everyday use in punishing environments


Product Overview

The SWG 300-1 is a multi-component extractive cold-dry gas analyzer. The NDIR modules measure continuously, selectively and highly accurately within the ppm range. NO2 is catalytically converted into NO for true NOx measurements.  



  • Standardized 19″ racks are mounted in a steel metal enclosure with fixing eylets for wall mounting.
  • Complete gas conditioning using electrical gas cooler with automatic condensate draining pump, with high-grade sample gas filtration for separation of water, tar and dirt.
  • Sample flow monitoring and alarm, with auto-zero and auto-span calibration.
  • RS 485 for data communication and 8 channel, user free configurable analog outputs 4 … 20 mA, self powered
  • Air conditioned weather proof enclosure (for outdoor mounting)

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