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Flow Meter - LANDTEC Accu-Flo

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Accu-Flo Meter

With an innovative edge the LANDTEC ACCU-FLO Meter highlights a distinctive feature: A Zero Calibration User Check and 5 year factory calibration interval. The User-Check allows the user to verify that their LANDTEC ACCU-FLO Meter has not shifted, drifted or deviated from its original NIST-traceable Factory Calibration value. This ability makes the ACCU-FLO Meter unique, extremely useful on Gas-to-Energy projects, environmental compliance and essential for the carbon credit market. Accu-Flo Meter Standard configuration includes a display integral with the meter head, 1⁄2" diameter probe and isolation valve assembly with 3⁄4" MNPT mounting connection.


  • Direct Mass Flow
  • High Accuracy and Repeatability
  • Turndown of up to 100:1 and resolution 1000:1
  • Low End Sensitivity (measures as low as 5 SFPM)
  • Negligible Pressure Drop – will not impede the flow or waste energy
  • No moving parts
  • Low sensitivity to dirt
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Option for solar energy use (12 VDC models)


  • Five (5) Year Suggested Factory Calibration interval
  • New microprocessor technology for high performance
  • Mass flow measurement
  • Low power dissipation (2.5 watts)
  • Displays Calibration milliwatts for ongoing diagnostics
  • Flow conditioning built-in to in-line flow meters
  • Calibration self-check – has built-in diagnostics for a Factory Approved field


  • Gas to Energy Projects
  • Carbon Credit Projects
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Anaerobic Digesters
  • LFG Recovery Projects
  • Flare Stations Applications

Accu-Flo Meter Standard configuration includes a display integral with the meter head, 1/2" diameter probe and isolation valve assembly with 3/4" MNPT mounting connection.

Custom calibration price determined upon review.

Custom probe length price determined upon review.

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