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In Situ O2 & COe Analyzer - MRU OMS 420 RT

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About the manufacturer

MRU is a German company making extremely well-engineered emission monitoring systems. Their products are very durable and constructed to withstand everyday use in punishing environments.

Product Overview

The OMS 420 RT is an in-situ analyzer of oxygen and combustibles (COe). It is equipped with a remote transmitter and requires user selection of a probe tube.

Optional Features

  • OMS420-RT model available with and without back purge
  • Without back purge – to monitor clean combustions only
  • With back purge – to monitor dusty combustions (flying ash type of dust)
  • With ZrO2 sensor FOR O2 and 10m special cable between probe and transmitter
  • With ZrO2 sensor FOR O2 & COe and 10m special cable between probe and transmitter
  • 4-20mA analog output and RS485 digital output
  • Includes universal power supply 100…240Vac/24Vdc/100W
  • Other specifications available!

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