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Liquid Level Sensor - LevelMaster

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LevelMaster Level Sensor

The LevelMaster™ Liquid Level Sensor is used to accurately measure liquid levels and transmit signals to the level meter.

The EPG submersible level transducers - level sensors are specifically designed to meet the rigourous environments encountered in liquid level measurement and control. They can be configured to perform to specifications under the most adverse, reactive conditions including, sideslope risers, wells, wet wells, tanks, sumps, resevoirs and settling ponds.


  • Made for rugged use in harsh environments
  • 316 stainless steel construction, small diameter, easy to install
  • Fully submersible in any liquid, sinks easily to any depth (4 oz.)
  • Withstands outside interference, extremely accurate continuous measurement
  • Sensor lead wire includes breather tube for atmospheric pressure compensation

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