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SWG 100 Fixed Biogas Analyzer

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MRU SWG 100 Fixed Biogas Analyzer

About the manufacturer
MRU SWG 100 Fixed Biogas Analyzer is a Popular Biogas Analyser that is Extensively Used in all Industries Across the World. Ready to Run Delivery, Minimum Installation Work. 35+ Years Of Experience,ISO 9001, UL & Safety Related Certifications for all Product. Buy It Now!

The SWG 100 is the rugged industrial analyzer to use with:

  • biogas plants
  • cogeneration heat and power engines (CHP)
  • bio methane plants (gas to grid)
  • landfill sites
  • municipal or industrial sewage water treatment sites
  • coal seam gas sites

The instrument's main features are:

  • Industry compatible rugged design
  • Standard system safety included with continuous, monitored fan cabinet ventilation and flow
  • Restrictor orifice gas inlet, with sample gas cut-off in case of alarm
  • Sampling from low suction up to high pressure gas pipe
  • No dilution of sample gas is required; direct and continuous/discontinuous measurement, with pressure and temperature compensation
  • Multiple sampling point monitoring (up to 10 sites monitoring), with one analyzer
  • Ready to run delivery, minimum installation work
  • Designed for easy and expedient maintenance


  • IP54 aluminum cabinet with anti-corrosive red structural lacquer
  • Continuous, monitored air ventilation through cabinet, with failure alarm on display and on system alarm
  • Relay and sample gas supply cut-off
  • Low cabinet size (H x W x D: 700x600x210 mm) and weight only 25kg, suitable for use in limited space
  • Easy access and service of all main components, including sensors
  • Color, backlit 3.5” TFT display for on-site measurement indication, for instrument status and alarm messages
  • Password protected keyboard operation
  • Continuous or discontinuous measuring mode, user selectable
  • Simple, intuitive software guided menu, with status & alarm on display
  • User settable auto-zero interval using ambient air for sensor purging
  • User settable H2S measurement interval time (if H2Slow is installed)
  • Internal sample gas flow monitoring with display alarm using sample gas pump with flow control, for low and high pressure sampling
  • Large inlet sample gas pressure range from -100mbar to +300mbar
  • Stainless steel gas connectors with 1/8” threads, using 6mm bulkhead compression fittings (user customizable)
  • Flow restrictor orifice at sample gas inlet to decrease combustible gas to max 20%LEL for up to 350mbar gas
  • Inlet pressure in case of inside sample gas leaking
  • Universal 90-240Vac / 47-63Hz / 90W power supply
  • RS485 digital interface (Modbus RTU)


- Cabinet dimensions : 27.55" x 23.61" x 8.26" (700 x 600 x 210 mm) (H x W x D) for wall or rack mounting

- Weight / Protection : 55lbs (25kg) / IP54

- Ambient temperature : 41°F ...113°F (+5°C...+45°C) or -4°F ...113°F (-20°C...+45°C) with cabinet heater

- Installation site : Indoor or outdoor (rain and sun shade is mandatory user scope of supply)

- Cabinet conditioning : Continuous, monitored fan ventilation / Cabinet heater 200 W (option)

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