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Gas Analyzers
Gas Analyzers

Portable Stack Gas Emission Analyzer - MRU VARIO Luxx

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About the Manufacturer

MRU is a German company making extremely well-engineered emission monitoring systems. Their products are very durable and constructed to withstand everyday use in punishing environments. 

Product Overview

Portable stack gas emission analyzer for longtime measurements of industrial combustions, gas engines and turbines, large boilers and furnaces.


  • Precise measurements achieved by means of infrared (3-gas) and electrochemical cells (6-gas)
  • Most suitable for precise low Nox measurements and other toxic gas emissions measurement according to new MCP directive 2015/2193 for medium combustion plants with rated power <50 MW
  • Ethernet (LAN), WLAN, USB, RS485, and 8 channel analog Outputs
  • Remote wireless control using a smartphone and MRU4u app