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Sensor Float Switch

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EPG Sensor Float Switch

The EPG Sensor Float Switch is used to accurately measure liquid levels and transmit signals to a pump controller.

The EPG Sensor Float Switch, perfect for confined areas, is designed to be used as a pilot duty, narrow angle liquid level sensing device. In high level applications, when tipped slightly above horizontal, the mecury within the housing slides over metal contacts sending a signal to the controller to activate the pump until the liquid levels fall. The sensor float switch is also available for low level applications and can be mounted to a discharge pipe or similar device or can be suspended from above.


  • Flexible, 16 gauge, 2 conductor cable (waterproof, chemical resistant, neoprene)
  • Small float switch housing, perfect in confined spaces
  • 2.81”dia. x 3.42” long (7.14 cm x 8.68 cm)
  • Not sensitive to rotation
  • Can be used in most liquids up to 140° F (60° C)
  • Impact resistant, non-corrosive, PVC housing
  • Suitable to be used with intrinsically safe circuits

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