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Bio Digester Gas Management Systems

Bio Digester Gas Management Systems

Bio digesters gas are designed for the accelerated decomposition of solid wastes from animal feed operations, municipal solid waste, and industrial by products and waste water processing operations. Choosing the right equipment is critical in the process. We've analyzed several options and find these solutions best:


  • The Accu-Floâ„¢ Wellhead Adapter Kits are the various fittings necessary to connect the Accu-Floâ„¢ wellhead to PVC and PE well casings and pipes for the proper siphoning of gas
  • Well-Bore Seals are dense PVC sheeting that provides a durable, impermeable membrane seal installed around the top of a PVC vertical well casing to prevent well-bore air intrusion and gas emissions.
  • With an innovative edge the LANDTEC ACCU-FLO Meter highlights a distinctive feature: A Zero Calibration User Check and 5 year factory calibration interval. The User-Check allows the user to verify that their LANDTEC ACCU-FLO Meter has not shifted, drifted or deviated from its original NIST-traceable Factory Calibration value. This ability makes the ACCU-FLO Meter unique, extremely useful on Gas-to-Energy projects, environmental compliance and essential for the carbon credit market.
  • GEM 5000 (Biogas Extraction Monitor) is utilized with the Accu-Floâ„¢ wellhead to speed up data acquisition for % methane, % carbon dioxide, % oxygen, temperature, and gas flow and then stores the information in a notebook sized instrument. Data can be downloaded to a personal computer. The GEMâ„¢5000 analyzes Biogas samples for the Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen content, calculates & displays gas flow rate and stores the data for download.
  • Using the proprietary DataField software takes data from the GEMâ„¢5000 and other sources and produces various management and regulatory reports.
  • The ATEX certified GA3000 PLUS builds on field-proven, robust gas analysis technology to offer cost effective online monitoring with local data outputs. CH4, CO2, O2 measurement, H2S measurement 0–5000ppm, clean air purge, 4-20mA outputs for each gas, Alarm relays (user con_x001F_figurable), Gas return-to-process option, User replaceable H2S sensor, IP65 rated weather-proof enclosure. Applications for: Anaerobic digestion, Biogas monitoring, Landfill gas monitoring.
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