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At Diamond Scientific, we provide a wide range of Viasensor meters and analyzers that are suitable for applications in general indoor air quality, medical and pharmaceutical settings, and research laboratories.

The Viasensor G100 Portable Analyzers are highly reliable and efficient for measuring CO2 levels in IVF incubators and medical research. It is a crucial tool for the analysis of CO2 (0-20%)used by researchers in the field of embryology, pharmaceuticals, stem cells and more. It can be used along with an analyzer data management software for quick and detailed access to the collected data. It is also designed to be very simple to use while maintaining its efficiency and precision.

The Viasensor G150 Indoor Air Quality Meter is also a portable device. It provides and verifies accurate CO2 measurements (0-1%), suitable for use in general indoor air quality, site audits, and more. It also comes with dual temperature probes to provide quicker readings.

The Viasensor G210 Medical Analyzer is an efficient option for accurate measurement of four gases, Carbon Monoxide (500 ppm), Carbon Dioxide (2,000 ppm), Oxygen (100%), and Nitrous Oxide (100%). It provides quick and precise information about gas quality and can be used in pharmaceutical research, hospital settings, and general leak detection.