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Wheeled Sump Drainers


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Wheeled sump drainers

Wheeled sump drainers are a type of specialized equipment used for efficiently draining fluids, such as oil, coolant, or other liquids, from machinery, vehicles, and industrial equipment. They are particularly useful in automotive maintenance shops, industrial facilities, and other settings where regular fluid changes and maintenance tasks are performed.

Wheeled Sump Drainers at Diamond Scientific

At Diamond Scientific, we provide you with premium wheeled sump drainers that are suitable for your needs. Our products ensure efficient fluid removal, enhanced workspace cleanliness, and streamlined maintenance. Plus, we ensure better accessibility for you by providing wheeled and adjustable height options.

Our EPG SurePump Vertical Sump Drainers are specially designed for removing contaminated liquids, leachate, and gas condensate. The wheeled design makes this product a better choice over other sump drainers because it allows for a simpler and quicker installation process. Plus, it doesn’t allow the sludge to accumulate in the inlet, allowing more efficient cooling.

Our EPG Leachate Collection Systems are designed to address the unique challenges of waste liquid management. These systems prevent pollution and safely manage waste liquids in landfills and other areas. The EPG solutions for handling leachate are highly effective and reliable, contributing to environmental protection and efficient waste management.


Wheeled sump drainers are portable devices designed to extract liquids, like oil or coolant from machinery sumps. They use a pump mechanism to suction fluids, which are collected in a reservoir. As the name suggests, they come with wheels for better portability. By rolling the drainer near the machine, users can easily drain and replace fluids, aiding maintenance and preventing contamination.

Sump drainers or sump pumps are usually of two types - pedestal and submersible. The pedestal type of sump pump is a vertical or upright pump. The motor of these pumps sits above the water level, making it less prone to water damage. Submersible pumps, on the other hand, are submerged fully in water, which helps reduce noise.